Contact: Representative Robyn Vining


MADISON – Monday, State Representative Deb Andraca (D-Whitefish Bay) and State Senator Jeff Smith (D-Eau Claire) introduced fair maps legislation that would create nonpartisan redistricting reform in Wisconsin. State Representative Robyn Vining (D-Wauwatosa) is a co-author of this bill, and introduced this legislation in the 2019-2020 legislative session. Rep. Vining issued the following statement in support: 

 “For far too long, partisan gerrymandering has insulated legislators from truly representing the voices of their constituents. When people aren’t represented, their issues aren’t represented. From BadgerCare expansion to gun violence prevention, overwhelmingly favorable policies are being blocked. 

 “The people of Wisconsin have a constitutional right to fair representation. Over 70% of Wisconsinites, from across the political spectrum, and 55 of 72 Wisconsin counties believe we need non-partisan fair maps, so we will fight for them with everything we’ve got. 

 “The will of the people is the law of the land, and the voice of the people is the heart of our state. Every vote deserves equal value. It is time for Wisconsin to have fair maps.”

 Rep. Vining represents the 14th Assembly District, which includes parts of Brookfield, Wauwatosa, and Milwaukee. For more information, visit Rep. Vining’s website here

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