Contact: Robin Vos (608) 266-9171

Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) released the following statement concerning the Senate Amendment on Assembly Bill 1 and the repeal of the governor’s Executive Order #104.

“As we did our due diligence, legislative attorneys and conservative legal experts confirmed the Senate amendment had unintended consequences and would actually expand the governor’s emergency powers.

“The nonpartisan Legislative Council memo concludes:

Therefore, without limiting language in the amendment, the Governor would retain the authority under current statutes to issue any order the Governor deems necessary for the security of persons and property while a state of emergency is in effect.

“The Assembly Republicans will adopt a new amendment to AB1, the Coronavirus Relief Bill, to correct that error. We will also approve the Assembly version of the executive order repeal, Assembly Joint Resolution 4. The bill and resolution will be sent back to the Senate for that chamber to take up when it meets again in mid-February.”

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