Madison, WI – Legislation to end race and sex stereotyping in K-12 education and teacher training passed the Assembly Tuesday by a 60-38 vote.

State Representative Chuck Wichgers (R-Muskego) authored legislation along with State Senator André Jacque (R-De Pere) in response to parents’ concerns about their kids being taught that the United States was founded on, and still operates on, principles of racism and oppression. The bill prohibits race and sex stereotyping in the classroom and in employee training. In addition, school curricula must be made accessible to parents by being posted on the school district’s Internet site or having printed copies available at no cost.

Rep. Wichgers made the following statement:

“This bill is common sense. You cannot redress past discrimination with present discrimination. Parents have the right and responsibility to know what their kids are being taught in school. “The roots of critical race theory are based on Marxist ideology, and on creating conflict and division between people of different races. Wisconsin is better than that, and I am proud to have authored this bill.”

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