FITCHBURG – Representative Jimmy Anderson along with Representative Hong and Representative Moore-Omokunde are introducing legislation to ensure that Wisconsinites are treated equitably in regards to housing. The first bill in the package allows tenants to pay a reduced rent when the leased property is damaged or could harm the tenant. The second would create a grant program with funds for attorneys who help underprivileged tenants who believe they were wrongfully evicted, and the last bill would bar landlords for discriminating based on citizenship or immigration status. Rep. Anderson released the following statement regarding the bills:

“Being housed is a right, not a privilege, and Wisconsinites deserve to be treated respectfully and fairly when they are finding or renting a property. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, our state was wracked by a housing crisis that left many low-income families on the brink of eviction. The pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. I am introducing these bills to keep the most vulnerable people in our state from being taken advantage of. As a Representative, it is both my pleasure and my duty to ensure that Wisconsin’s families are able to live safely and without discrimination, and I will continue to work toward that goal.”

Representative Hong added, “The current Wisconsin State Legislature remains idle as an affordable housing crisis leaves our neighbors choosing between making the rent and buying groceries. Our disparities are growing and the window of opportunity to bridge those gaps in equity is closing. As such, one of our first stops must be tackling the housing insecurity and discrimination that burdens Wisconsinites. This bill package will help ensure tenants have access to legal services in cases of evictions, bans discrimination in housing on the basis of citizenship or immigration status, and allows tenants to pay a reduced rent when the leased property is damaged or could harm the tenant.”

Representative Moore-Omokunde concluded: “I am proud to be a part of introducing this bill package with my colleagues Representative Anderson and Representative Hong. This package goes a long way towards housing our neighbors and restoring our communities. A home is often one’s own temple or sanctuary – a place to find peace and restore oneself. Here in Wisconsin, our affordable housing crisis has been left unaddressed for far too long. With COVID-19 still negatively impacting our communities and with the expiration of the federal eviction moratorium earlier this year, the bills we are introducing today are more important than ever.”

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