APPLETON/GREEN BAY/EAU CLAIRE– As Republicans across the country, including Wisconsin continue to introduce bills aimed at delegitimizing the results of the 2020 election, Democrats are clapping back with bills of their own. Northeast Wisconsin freshman Democratic Assembly Representatives, Lee Snodgrass (D-Appleton) and Kristina Shelton (D-Green Bay) and Eau Claire area Senator Jeff Smith (D-Brunwick) are introducing legislation which would require all state elected officials from the governor’s office to the Assembly to be trained as poll workers and work an election where they do not appear on the ballot.

The proposed legislation stipulates that there would be no legislative session on Election Day, state elected officials working as poll workers would not be paid, a shift would constitute a minimum of 8 hours and there would be a medical exemption allowable.

“Confidence in our electoral system is a keystone of our democracy and confusion about the process can lead to misunderstanding and a lack of voter confidence, and elected officials are not exempt from that. Our state elected leaders, of all people, should have a solid understanding of the election process and what better way to accomplish this than to learn by doing? By being an active participant in the process itself, we will be better able to legislate and vote on election related bills from a position of direct experience. I am hopeful that this will lead to greater confidence in the process for voters as well, “said Snodgrass, co-author of the bill.

“Every Wisconsinite wants fair, legitimate transparent and well-staffed elections that follow election law and uphold our shared values. Unfortunately, some state and local leaders are trying to divide us by redefining our election laws based on falsehoods and hearsay. This bill will provide education, training and direct volunteer experience as an election poll worker for stakeholders closest to the issue – state lawmakers. By signing up to be poll workers, we, state elected leaders, will learn more about election practices and will ensure our polls are well-staffed, efficient and functioning to the highest standard of the law, “ said Shelton, co-author of the bill.

“Our democracy works best when every eligible American is able to participate in free, fair and open elections. Rather than promoting wild conspiracy theories in an effort to undermine our democracy, elected officials should lead by example and get a firsthand glimpse of the success of our electoral system” said Sen. Jeff Smith.

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