An arm of the Republican Governors Association is running a new TV ad in Wisconsin urging Gov. Tony Evers and U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin to oppose the COVID-19 bill now before the U.S. Senate.

The spot targeting Evers and Baldwin, D-Madison, is from State Solutions, Inc. It is running on broadcast TV in Milwaukee, Green Bay and Wausau as part of a buy across three states that the group said is in the high five figures.

It opens recounting the impact of COVID-19 such as small businesses being shut down, millions of jobs lost and “our kids taken from their classrooms.” The spot then says things “are about to get even tougher in the state because the new COVID bill “cuts $265 million from Wisconsin and sends it to states like California and New York.”

Estimates on the bill that passed the House show Wisconsin is in line for more than $5.5 billion for state and local governments alone under the legislation. In announcing the ad, the group said the formula to divide up the money isn’t relying on population and instead will benefit states such as California and New York at the expense of others.

The ad closes, “Tell Gov. Evers and Sen. Baldwin to stand up for Wisconsinites and oppose the California and New York bailout bill.”

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