Secretary of State candidate Jay Schroeder calls for the electors of Wisconsin for the 2020 Presidential election to be rescinded.Having read opinions from inside of Madison and from outside of Madison there is no alternative but to take this serious action to protect our representative Republic in Wisconsin. Having watched the presentation on our election with the following examples:
9,700 active voters registered prior to 2016 and never voted in any election, appeared as voting in 2020.Another 1,500 registered prior to 2011 and never voted, but are listed as voting in 2020″Very unusual red flag, may indicate that votes are being cast in their names”

— There are 42,000 voters in Wisconsin who are currently listed as inactive in the August 2021 file, but nevertheless voted in November 2020

Major RED FLAG for phantom voters, which is DOUBLE the margin in the 2020″The irregularities and red flags indicate a huge potential for nefarious actors to access the WI Voter Registration system and allow them to manipulate any voter’s status.Wisconsin officials gave this access to Mark Zuckerberg’s Dem operatives!Why inflate voter rolls?WI reported a 72% turnout in Nov. 2020. It was actually 90 PERCENT of “active” voters”
One big advantage of inflating the database is it makes the turnout look lower…it disguises…a lot of phantom ballots, or harvesting a lot of ballots.” It is clear why the pushback to have full Audits isn’t it.Hearings need to be held and action taken.
Many more examples were presented.
Want more? The Racine county Sheriff has charged 5 of the 6 members of WEC with a felony. 265000 ballots were cast without an ID which is required.more than 70% of Republicans and 26% of Independents reported a lack of confidence that “the votes for president were accurately cast and counted in last year’s election.”
Evidence: One member of the WEC was quoted as saying”When do we have to start following the law again. My opponent wants to be installed as a member of the Titanic WEC. How out of touch and another wants to impeach Trump for Jan 6th. These are Clinton Republicans?
Benjamin Franklin was asked after the convention? What do you have? A Republic if you can keep it” We are close to losing it. The time for action is now Recall the electors and dissolve the WEC now!
Candidate for Wisconsin Secretary of State
“50 year reign of Doug Lafollette vs. Schroeder: The Office of Secretary of State can’t be reformed as long as Lafollette remains in office.
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