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Speaker Vos’ continues to waste taxpayer dollars and sow doubt in our elections

MADISON- Yesterday, it was reported that former Justice Gableman and his team of investigators have been sending emails to clerks around the state from a Gmail account with the name “John Delta”, and attaching documents from a former Trump administration official. These actions confused and upset election officials around the state.

Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“Wisconsin’s election was -and always has been- fair, secure, and transparent. Speaker Vos is continuing to pander to a disgraced former President and his supporters rather than address the real issues people are facing. This blank check to ‘investigate election results’ must end – at every turn, there is another story about how partisan and misguided these efforts are. Actions like this only sew more doubt in our democracy and division within our communities. The chaotic and incompetent nature of these first steps of their investigation are as embarrassing as they are troubling.

“The Clerks across Wisconsin work every day to ensure that their communities have what they need to ensure everyone that is eligible can cast a ballot. This continued demonization of their dedication is shameful and outright ridiculous. It’s time for my GOP colleagues to pack up The Big Lie and tell their supporters the truth – their candidate lost and our democratic systems are strong. It’s time to move on and start doing the actual work to make our state a better place for everyone.”

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