MADISON – Today, Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) held a virtual meeting to discuss her bill to legalize cannabis for any interested Wisconsinite. The presentation had over 100 RSVPs and questions submitted.

Senator Agard released the following statement after the presentation:

“The only place where cannabis legalization is partisan is in the Wisconsin State Capitol. The people of Wisconsin have spoken through referendums across the state that they are ready for cannabis legalization. Across the country, less than 10% of people still believe that cannabis prohibition should be the law of the land. Attitudes are changing when it comes to cannabis policy and it is time that Wisconsin’s laws follow suit.

“The fact is Wisconsin is losing millions of dollars of revenue to our neighboring states. Considering the conservative estimate of $165 million dollars in tax revenue we are losing each year – that equals out to over $5.20 a second that we could be investing in our state. Wisconsin’s legislature cannot afford to sit idly by – we must legalize to promote economic development in Wisconsin.

“It was great to join folks from across Wisconsin this morning to discuss Senate Bill 545 and address their questions about the bill and how it would affect them. I want to thank everyone who joined this morning and to those who submitted questions and personal stories sharing how cannabis legalization would benefit all of the people of Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin is ready for legal cannabis. Let’s get this done.”

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