MADISON – This evening, Governor Tony Evers delivered his third State of the State Address. In it, he highlighted the challenges we faced as a state in 2020, as well as focal points for his administration moving into 2021. Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) issued this statement reacting to the governor’s State of the State Address:

“I was pleased to hear Governor Evers focus on the importance of fair maps during his address and his pledge to include fair maps in his 2021-23 biennial budget.  Wisconsin is the most gerrymandered state in the entire country. The maps that we use to elect our state’s representatives, who are supposed to enact the will of the people, are horribly altered to allow the majority party to maintain power and control over the state. The will of the people, the values of the people of Wisconsin will never be carried out in their truest form without fair maps. How is it that over 70% of Wisconsinites support expanding access to healthcare, but the state legislature still has not acted? It’s clear that fair maps are crucial to ensuring the people are heard.

“Without fair maps and non-partisan redistricting, the Republican-led state legislature has no incentive to take up issues that a majority of Wisconsinites support, including: legalizing cannabis; Medicaid expansion; comprehensive, science-based COVID-19 legislation; expanding broadband; addressing climate change; and so many others. Ever since my first term in the legislature, the issue of gerrymandering has proven to be the biggest roadblock to affecting real change in the lives of Wisconsin families. I applaud Governor Evers for his work with the People’s Maps Commission and for continuing to highlight the importance of this issue in his address tonight.

“It has become increasingly clear that the agenda of the gerrymandered Republican majority is not reflective of the people of Wisconsin. The will of the people will be the law of the land only when our legislative maps reflect the people’s values and priorities. Tonight, Governor Evers spoke clearly about his plan to ensure fair maps and a representative state government for Wisconsin.”

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