MADISON – Today, Senate Republicans passed Senate Joint Resolution 63 along party lines. This resolution supported the continuation of Wisconsin’s gerrymandered districts as they currently stand. Senator Agard released the following statement after voting “NO” on this resolution:

“This resolution is nothing more than an attempt to put into the record, the formalization of gerrymandering. It’s clear that the gerrymandered Republican majority favors the current maps because they insulate themselves from the will of the people who they represent. The system is currently set up to solely benefit them. They are so drunk with power they passed a resolution to keep the rigged status quo in place. This resolution is simply about how to keep those in power in power and leaving Wisconsinites unrepresented.

“I know that when we put people first, we can achieve great things. And when we put people first, we can create opportunity and prosperity for our friends and neighbors. The maps we have operated under for the past ten years have not allowed us to do just that, and they are causing harm to ordinary Wisconsinites.

“It is disappointing that our state government is so broken that the majority party is governing to protect their power and not to reflect the will of the people. Gerrymandering has proven to be the biggest roadblock to affecting real change in the lives of Wisconsin families. We have to get back to the core principles of a representative democracy, and the only way we can accomplish that is by creating Fair Maps. I voted ‘NO’ on this resolution today because I know my constituents and the people of our state want a fair process.”

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