MADISON – Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison), a member of the State Capitol and Executive Residence Board (SCERB), released the following statement regarding the re-installation of the statutes of Forward and Colonel Heg:

“It’s exciting to see these historic pieces have been restored and reinstalled at the State Capitol. I’m grateful to the artisans who helped return the statues of Forward and Colonel Heg to their original condition. As a child growing up in Madison, I valued the Forward statue as a reminder that women belong at the forefront of our state as strong leaders.

“We must remember, though, that there is so much work to be done to address social and racial injustices in our state so that every child in our great state knows that their dreams can be achieved with hard work and determination. Wisconsin remains the worst state in the country to raise black and brown children. The protests that occurred in 2020 reflected the work that still needs to be done to move us closer toward equality.

“In addition to the reinstallation of the Forward and Colonel Heg statutes, I’m encouraged to see there is progress being made on adding past due diversity to the State Capitol campus by bringing a statue honoring Vel Phillips to the Capitol Square. Our history must be reflective and inclusive of all the people of our state. As a member of the State Capitol and Executive Residence Board, I will continue to champion representation for all Wisconsinites on our Capitol grounds.”

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