(Madison)…. Today Senator Kathy Bernier (R-Chippewa Falls) joined 28 Wisconsin Legislators in sending a  letter to the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation asking them to stop efforts by Democrats to destroy election  integrity through a federal takeover. The Heritage Foundation recently ranked Wisconsin’s electoral system as  having nearly the highest structural integrity in the United States. Efforts to erode that integrity through blatant  overreach by the national government are wrong and harmful and threaten the constitutionally protected system of federalism. 

“Over the last ten years, Wisconsin has taken great strides in ensuring the integrity of our elections, while still  guaranteeing that every valid vote counts,” the letter reads. “This is a smokescreen attempt to delegitimize elections nationwide, and it should be opposed to the utmost degree by all members of Congress.” 

“I hope this misguided and dangerous legislation never sees the light of day,” said Sen. Bernier. “This type of  dangerous overreach is not only insulting to our clerks who administer safe elections, it is profoundly un American in scope. It should be dismissed immediately.” 

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