MADISON – In an extraordinary session called by Senate Republican Leadership, the State Senate voted on an amended AB1 bill. In another extraordinary failure no COVID relief was provided for the people of Wisconsin.  The so-called COVID relief bill drafted and amended by Republicans and passed along party lines, is almost guaranteed to be vetoed by the Governor.  After the session, Senate Democratic Leader Janet Bewley (D-Mason) released the following statement:

“In a last minute scramble to push through partisan legislation, Senate Republican leadership called an extraordinary session this morning to push through an amended AB1, COVID Relief bill.  The new amendment introduced by the Assembly was a complete failure to “fix” the loss of $49M per month in federal food assistance for Wisconsin families.  While it may appear on the surface that this amendment is a solution, it is a ruse to trick the people of Wisconsin.  It is a trick to claim that they have taken some action in protecting the lives and livelihood of citizens across the State.  But the people of Wisconsin do not have to worry, the Governor has already taken care of that.”

“The Republicans have again failed the people of Wisconsin and they deserve better.  They deserve to be led out of this pandemic. The Republicans should have stood by their word and followed through with the bipartisan bill that they previously agreed to last month.  I had hoped that we could come together pass the previously proposed legislation that was agreed upon by everyone.  It is our job to help the people we are sworn to serve, and for the past 296 days and counting the Republicans have done nothing but cost lives, money and faith in our system.  Instead of worrying about the Governor’s power, they need to focus now on keeping Wisconsinites healthy, saving lives and enabling us to come out of this pandemic prosperous and healthy…Wisconsin is still waiting.”

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