MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Senate voted on Senate Joint Resolution 3 to end the Governor Evers’ public health emergency declaration, which if passed by the assembly – overturns the Governor’s statewide mask mandate. Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley (D-Mason), responded after the session with the following statement:

“For over nine months the Republicans who control the legislature have sat on their hands. Today was another missed opportunity to do the right thing and prioritize the health and safety of the Wisconsinites they are sworn to serve. Instead of moving Wisconsin forward, they have taken away one of the few tools we have in our toolbox to protect Wisconsinites against the COVID-19 virus,” Sen. Bewley said. “Medical experts and healthcare organizations, scientists and citizens across Wisconsin in all districts strongly support the state-wide mask mandate which has been proven to help protect our families, friends and neighbors.”

“Today is a sad day for Wisconsin, where once again the Republicans have chosen to prioritize settling political scores with the Governor, over protecting the lives of the citizens of Wisconsin,” said Sen. Bewley.

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