MADISON, Wis. — As illegal immigration explodes on our southern border, Sen. Julian Bradley, R–Franklin, Sen. John Jagler, R–Watertown, and Rep. Rick Gundrum, R–Slinger, have authored a bill that would crackdown on illegal immigrants who commit crimes in Wisconsin.

Senate Bill 579, which was introduced in the Senate on Friday, would require law enforcement to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deliver into its custody an illegal immigrant who committed a crime in Wisconsin and is not lawfully present in this country.

“As President Biden avoids dealing with the skyrocketing number of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border, passing this bill is the least we can do,” Senator Bradley said. “The effects of illegal immigration aren’t just felt on the border; their impact is nationwide.”

This bill does the following:

  1. It ensures local or state law enforcement checks with the appropriate federal agencies to ensure the lawful residency of criminals who cannot provide proof of lawful residency.
  2. It requires law enforcement to work with the appropriate federal agency to detain a criminal found to be here illegally until he or she can be sent into federal custody.
  3. It requires a semiannual report compiled by the Department of Justice to create transparency about the number of illegal immigrants who commit crimes in Wisconsin.
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