MADISON, Wis. — State Senator Julian Bradley, R–Franklin, called on Governor Evers to create a plan to bring Wisconsin students back to school after the COVID-19 response compromise bill passed in the State Senate on Tuesday: 

“This bill didn’t address the needs of Wisconsin children who are stuck in failing virtual learning settings,” Senator Bradley said. “Growing up in a low-income household, I likely would have been one of the many kids overlooked by Governor Evers in the negotiations of this compromise. I will not let our students be forgotten. 

“Many students have not set foot in a school for nearly a year. Students — regardless of whether they are in urban, suburban, or rural districts — deserve access to the in-person public, charter, and private school options that will encourage growth, which has been at a standstill for months. Our kids cannot afford more educational losses, and families need to know we’re working on getting them back in the classroom. 

“There are important provisions included in the package that was passed today, such as the strong COVID liability protections for Wisconsin businesses, churches, nonprofits, and schools. But because this bill neither reins in dictatorial local health officials nor moves toward getting our students back in the classroom, we have much more to do to help Wisconsin move forward.” 

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