MADISON, Wis. — Senator Julian Bradley, R–Franklin, released the following statement Wednesday after voting for the state budget, which includes a $3.4 billion tax cut, and sending the bill to Governor Evers’ desk:

“After Governor Evers closed small businesses across Wisconsin during the pandemic and refused to lift a finger to help students whose school districts abandoned them, he proposed a ridiculous budget that included $1.5 billion in tax and fee increases. Today, Republicans are doing the right thing by passing our balanced budget and sending a $1,200 tax cut to the typical Wisconsin family.

“In our budget, we ensure schools can get federal funding to help with in-person learning in a way that will save $300 for the average homeowner. We also repealed the $200 million personal property tax that hinders the growth of small businesses and their recovery after the pandemic. And by eliminating an entire tax bracket, the typical Wisconsin family will save $900 in income taxes, directly helping our middle-class families.

“Right now, Governor Evers and his administration are looking for vetoes to help his far-left campaign backers and those who prefer to collect unemployment than interview for one of the thousands of available jobs across Wisconsin.

“The transformational tax relief in our budget is the right answer for Wisconsin. Governor Evers should not veto the incredible tax cuts we’re sending his way — doing so would dig his own political grave.”

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