MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin State Senate on Monday passed a bill authored by Senator Julian Bradley, R–Franklin, and Representative Gae Magnafici, R–Dresser, that would embed current federal liability protections for firearm manufacturers that are currently under attack into state law.

“Guns don’t kill people; criminals kill people,” Senator Bradley said. “But sadly, in an attempt to subvert the Second Amendment, President Biden is focused on policies that would put gun manufacturers out of business instead of holding violent criminals accountable. The State Senate just voted to ensure that activist judges in Wisconsin aren’t given the opportunity President Biden wants to frivolously bankrupt firearm manufacturers.”

Senate Bill 570 codifies a simple principle: those who commit a crime should be responsible for their crime. This bill would not prevent all lawsuits against gun manufacturers, but it would protect those manufacturers that sell a functioning product in a legal transaction to a legal buyer.

In 2005, this essential liability protection was passed with broad bipartisan support at the federal level through the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Senator Herb Kohl, Congressman Ron Kind, and Congressman Dave Obey all voted for the law.

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