[Kenosha, WI] – State Senator Alberta Darling appeared on the latest episode of the Fearlessly Authentique podcast, where she spoke with Kenosha businesswoman and entrepreneur Kimberly Warner on topics ranging from tackling the fears of everyday life to helping pave the way for women in politics. Fearlessly Authentique is a new initiative and online community that features Kimberly and a variety of guests talking through the struggles facing women in their lives.

  • Listen to the podcast episode with Senator Alberta Darling, entitled “The Darling Senator,” here.
  • Visit FearlesslyAuthentique.com to learn more about Kimberly and Fearlessly Authentique.

Highlights from “The Darling Senator” episode:

Senator Alberta Darling on her career in politics

On her 2011 recall election victory: “I had great faith that I was going to be okay and that I was here for a purpose, and that I was going to prevail in getting that purpose done. It made me stronger.”

“There’s strength in numbers. I don’t have to do things on my own. I have to lead, but I have to also follow. And if people are going to follow me, they have to be committed to the same purpose. I felt strength in numbers.”

Kimberly Warner on tackling fear

“When that fear digs in, it’s like you have to get up or you’re just going to stay down forever.”

Kimberly is owner of Authentique Gifts, which is located in the heart of downtown Kenosha. After 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, Kimberly started a career in sales for an international health company, rising to become their top performer in the United States and overseeing a large team. Along the way, she has been inspiring and training others and helping foster the next generation of female leaders.

Fearlessly Authentique is where Kimberly shares her experiences – in life, with her family, and in business – and to inspire women to push past the fears and roadblocks in their own lives. Along the way, she is joined by leading women who share their experiences with the goal of inspiring and breaking barriers.

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