MADISON – Despite overwhelming public support for Governor Tony Evers’ state budget proposal that prioritized a successful economic recovery for the state, Republican politicians settled for less. Senate Democrats introduced an amendment to enact key proposals from the Governor’s Bounceback Budget, including investing in schools, increasing access to affordable health care, securing federal funding for the state, and ensuring that Wisconsinites have access to clean drinking water. Unfortunately, Republicans voted against these common-sense proposals and turned their backs on the communities that they represent.

“After the turbulent year that Wisconsin families and communities went through, the Republican budget is incredibly disappointing compared to what was originally introduced by the Governor,” said Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-West Point). “Republicans failed to show up at the height of the pandemic when their constituents needed them most and the budget they have created is no different. Over the last several months, Gov. Evers and Legislative Democrats have tirelessly tried to capture federal funds and incentives to invest in schools, strengthen communities and grow their economies. Meanwhile, Republicans are not only refusing to bring home money that belongs to Wisconsinites, but they’re hoarding money that should be invested back into every corner of this state.

“Gov. Tony Evers’ original budget proposal seized on an historic opportunity to capture funds to invest in families, strengthen communities and ensure a prosperous economic bounce-back,” added Sen. Erpenbach. “Families, schools, and small businesses depend on a responsible budget that invests in our priorities. We need bold, innovative solutions in order to make Wisconsin a place where future generations want to work and live – the Republican budget misses the mark and because it underfunds our K-12 schools so severely, I voted no. I am hopeful that through his constitutional powers, Governor Evers will be able to make necessary modifications to sign a budget that better reflects the needs of our state.”

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