Madison, WI– Today the Wisconsin State Senate met to vote on a number of bills and resolutions, one of which was 2021 Senate Resolution 11, authored by Senator Roth (R-Appleton). This resolution, which was passed on the floor, castigates the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) for ignoring statutory requirements, for sidestepping the administrative rulemaking process, and for not following both the letter and intent of state statute. Senator Mary Felzkowski (R-Tomahawk) is a co-sponsor of this resolution, and voted in favor of it on the Senate floor.

“The non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau, through their recently concluded election investigation, discovered a number of instances where the WEC failed to follow state statutes and rules that were put in place to protect our elections. The duty of the Wisconsin Elections Commission is to administer elections in our state, ensuring that the letter of the law is followed; this did not happen. The Senate, through this resolution, admonishes WEC for their actions and directs the commission to comply with all of the recommendations made by the Audit Bureau. These recommendations, if enacted and enforced properly, should go a long way to improve the integrity of our elections for years to come.”

The Legislative Audit Bureau made 30 recommendations to the WEC for various improvements and also included 18 suggestions for legislative action to strengthen election laws.

Along with this resolution, two bills authored by Senator Felzkowski received their votes on the Senate floor today. SB 607 raises the timber threshold notification sales limit from $3,000 to $10,000, or the 500 cord equivalent, for the sale of timber by a forest land manager. SB 588 makes a number of technical changes to insurance laws, and will help increase the efficiency of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

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