Madison, WI – Today, after voting on the 2021-2023 State Budget, State Senator Dan Feyen (R-Fond du Lac) released the following statement:

“I am excited about this budget and I am proud to have voted “yes” on the Senate floor today. Today’s vote is a victory for not only the 18th Senate District, but all Wisconsinites.

“This budget takes an enormous $4.4 billion surplus and sends the money back to the hard-working taxpayers in the form of a $3.4 billion tax cut. Income taxes will be cut by $2.5 billion and property taxes by $650 million. This will result in a $1,200 savings for a typical family.

“We included funding to completely remove the rest of the Personal Property Tax. This returns $200 million back to Main Street businesses throughout the state, helping to boost the backbone of our economy.

“This budget makes historic investments in our education system, putting over $16 billion towards our schools. That’s $678,537,000 more than the previous budget. We were able to fund our education priorities and put more spending than ever before on mental health, special education, and high cost transportation.

“In addition to historic investments in education, we added a $100 million boost for local, rural roads and increased General Transportation Aids. These are historic investments to our state’s transportation fund and continue our commitment to strengthening the State’s roadways.

“Broadband expansion is a huge priority of mine. To that end, this budget adds $125 million for broadband expansion grants. Along with the Federal and private sector investments in broadband, Wisconsin will see huge improvements that will connect our residents and businesses, all across the state.

“This budget will benefit all Wisconsinites by investing in our priorities, returning money to the people that earned it, and making sure Wisconsin is set up for success for years to come. This budget is a win for everyone in the State and I am looking forward to it getting the Governor’s signature”

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