Madison, WI – Today, Senator Dan Feyen (R-Fond du Lac), released the following statement after today’s extraordinary session:

“Time is of the essence for the governor to sign AB1. Not only is it a compromise COVID bill, it addresses the federal extended unemployment benefits our state is about to miss out on – $6.5 million to be exact.

“It would be prudent of the governor to sign the bill immediately so there are no more additional problems with UI. If not signed, Wisconsinites will also lose out on frontline healthcare support and COVID testing dollars.

“This COVID relief bill covers vaccinations and testing, protects patients from out-of-network charges for COVID care, allows nursing home residents to have an essential visitor, and expands the number of available healthcare workers so out-of-state health care providers to practice in Wisconsin.

“As we continue to endure this pandemic, it is critical we continue to protect our schools, our businesses, our non-profits, and other places of employment that are unable to fully open. This bill would provide liability protections to help these struggling places. It will also incentivize schools to re-open as we continue to re-open our communities.

“AB1 is a bill that protects and supports – it protects our families from COVID costs, protects our businesses, it supports frontline healthcare, and supports the unemployed.”

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