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Foxconn amendment underscores their commitment to our state

Madison – State Senator Dan Feyen (R- Fond du Lac) released the following statement immediately following today’s vote by the WEDC Board of Directors:

 “Today, I voted to amend the contract with Foxconn as a member of the WEDC Board of Directors. This contract amendment between WEDC and Foxconn is due to changes to its project scope. Based on market changes, Foxconn is now predicting that, through 2025, it will create 1,454 Full-Time Jobs and invest approximately $672,844,412 in Significant Capital Investment.”

 The project includes the construction and development of facilities for the manufacturing of data infrastructure and other operations related to high-performance computing, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI). Foxconn’s business pursuits of creating a high tech and manufacturing ecosystem in Wisconsin are not limited to just data infrastructure. Its3+3 corporate vision has the ability for Foxconn to explore new industries such as electric vehicle, digital health, and robotics using AI, semiconductor, and 5G technologies.

 “This project and commitment to our state is a transformational opportunity for our Wisconsin, and I am proud to support these family supporting jobs. The contract amendment will protect taxpayers while providing state incentives that make the Foxconn’s changing future in Wisconsin possible. I am excited not only for southeastern Wisconsin, but for the supply chain opportunities Foxconn presents to all Wisconsin companies – including many in the 18th Senate District.”

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