Madison, WI – “COVID-19 was not spreading fast enough in Wisconsin for Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. In forcing action today to immediately repeal Wisconsin’s statewide mask mandate, and convincing Republican Senate leadership to call a session with just one day’s notice to pass a harmful piece of legislation he knows will never become law, he sent a clear message to the people of Wisconsin: “All aboard the COVID express!”

“New variants of this virus are now making their way through our state that are more contagious and potentially more deadly than the one that has already claimed almost 6,000 Wisconsin lives, and left thousands more without a source of income. Meanwhile, COVID Conductor Vos is willing to risk $49 million per month in federal food assistance to our most vulnerable families and put countless lives at risk, while inevitably prolonging this pandemic without reason.

“While our neighbors suffer, Vos makes process arguments about gubernatorial authority. While dozens of organizations representing businesspeople and health professionals stand in support of the mask order, he coldly signals “so what?”

“It is about masks, and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves, or else just enjoying their ride on Robin Vos’ COVID express.”

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