Sen. Steve Nass (608) 266-2635

Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater), Co-chairman of the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR), announced that the joint committee voted today to suspend Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Emergency Rule 2106, a rule that waived work search requirements for individuals collecting unemployment insurance benefits.  The waiver of the work search requirements started last year in response to Covid-19. 

      Starting Sunday (May 23, 2021), the requirement for UI recipients to undertake four work search activities weekly is restored in order to remain eligible to receive benefits:

 “There are almost 80,000 people in Wisconsin still collecting weekly unemployment benefits and they were not being required to look for work.  We need every able-bodied person to re-enter Wisconsin’s workforce to rebuild our economy.  DWD Emergency Rule 2106 is just no longer justified and it was having a harmful effect on reconnecting employers with people available to work.”

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