Madison – Today the GOP-controlled Senate passed yet another round of extreme anti-choice bills aimed at exerting further control of people’s bodies and reducing reproductive options. Governor Evers has already stated he will veto these bills.

Sen. Kelda Roys, a champion of abortion rights and reproductive justice, issued the following statement: 

“Another day in the Senate, another round of dangerous bills aimed at restricting abortion, forcing false words out of doctor’s mouths, and controlling people’s bodies. 

“There are so many bills that could actually improve the health and lives of women and babies in our state, and that would reduce the need for abortion — but the GOP is blocking them. For instance, the Respect Act would increase access to abortion by removing burdensome restrictions and restoring the right of patients to receive medically accurate information. The Birth Equity Act will reduce Wisconsin’s worst in the nation racial disparities in infant and maternal mortality rates. The Abortion Rights Preservation Act would ensure that Wisconsin does not become the Texas of the North when Roe is further gutted. Expanding Badgercare would deliver birth control coverage and prenatal care to tens of thousands of Wisconsinites. Republican legislators have spurned every single one. 

“People don’t need bills that force doctors to lie to patients, what they need is paid family leave, Medicaid expansion, affordable childcare, birthing and postpartum care options, good transit, livable wages, clean air and water, and autonomy over their bodies. That’s what I am here to fight for.”

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