Brian Sikma
Policy Director

Office of Sen. Duey Stroebel

(608) 266-7513

Hello, I’m state Senator Duey Stroebel, Republican from Saukville. My colleagues and I are working on a series of election integrity bills designed to increase your confidence in our state elections. Public polling since the beginning of 2020 shows a large percentage of voters lack confidence in the conduct of elections.

Our own state Elections Commission issued guidance that had no basis in state law. In Green Bay, partisan activists paid by out-of-state billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg tried to bully their way into running elections. Some county clerks even urged voters to use indefinitely confined voter laws to circumvent voter ID requirements.

Republican election integrity bills will make the process more consistent and more transparent. One bill closes voter ID loopholes that currently exist for some absentee voters. Another bill that passed the Senate bans out-of-state billionaires from paying for election administration. Non-partisan research shows that this out-of-state money has a partisan influence on elections.

Bills to end ballot harvesting, protect election observers, and make it easier to prosecute unelected bureaucrats who violate election laws are also moving through the legislature. We must restore faith and confidence in our elections. Republicans are making it easy to vote, but hard to cheat.

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