(MADISON) – In response to today’s Senate session, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee)
released the following statement:

“The Republican Party, as we have known it, continues to evaporate. Gone are the days of
protecting the rights of local government, of letting voters decide; and respecting the outcomes of elections. Today, Republicans decided that they would interfere with duly elected school boards and the communities that voted for them. In voting to mandate public school curriculum postings, they removed local control, classroom flexibility, and encouraged division and litigation.”

“In introducing a resolution to keep gerrymandered maps, Republicans have decided that the will, of the majority of the voters, be dammed. Most Wisconsinites want fairly drawn maps, most Republicans are only interested in protecting their seat in the legislature. It’s bad enough that nearly three years into Governor Tony Evers’ term, roughly 150 of his appointments have not received a vote. This tactic of maintaining control, even when the voters has spoken has got to stop. As legislators we took an oath to “faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office”. I guess some folks took their hand off the bible, during that part.”

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