(MADISON) – Today, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement,
regarding the passing of the 65 th United States Secretary of State, General Colin Powell:

“Colin Powell was to my generation, what Barack Obama was to my son and his
contemporaries. He helped Black people, he helped all of us, understand what was possible
when we make a conscious decision to only see the individual. In a nation where race or
politics have been flashpoints for division, Powell was able to move effectively through both
realities. General Powell made the rest of us want to be better human beings. While
acknowledging his many historic “firsts”, I am drawn to how he made me feel about my
country, and his insistence that there was a place for all of us to be of service. I extend my
deepest condolences to his family and thank them for the many years they shared him with us.”

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