“People tuned into tonight’s state of the state address to hear a plan – a plan to get kids back in schools, a plan for a vaccine rollout, and a plan on how to fix an unemployment system that has failed Wisconsinites for the last nine months. Governor Evers didn’t deliver.

While the vast majority of Wisconsinites want their kids safely back in school, the only thing Governor Evers wants to put into our schools is more taxpayer money. Wisconsin ranks eleventh out of twelve Midwestern states in administering the COVID-19 vaccine. We deserve better, and that’s why I expect Governor Evers to accept Governor Thompson’s offer and work with the UW System to get this job done efficiently. Governor Evers says computers are the reason why people like Diana in Wood County have been waiting for more than four months to collect unemployment. The real problem is a bureaucracy overseen by Governor Evers that serves itself instead of the people.

Governor Evers has no plan, no vision, and no accountability.”

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