Madison, WI – On Friday, the Wisconsin State Senate passed major COVID-19-related legislation that provides an additional $100 million to fight the pandemic, improved access to health care by eliminating red tape, and further support for hospitals.

“This bill is essential to our fight against COVID-19,” said Senator Testin. “It gives much- needed resources and flexibility to hospitals and health care workers while also providing relief to those struggling from the impacts of the pandemic.”

Despite calling for a COVID-19 bill earlier this session, Governor Evers has signaled that he may veto the bill – a prospect Senator Testin finds concerning.

“If Governor Evers fails to sign this bill, Wisconsin could lose millions of dollars in federal funding,” noted Testin. “A veto could negatively impact our state’s vaccine distribution, an area where Wisconsin has been lagging that of other states.”

Having passed through both houses of the legislature, the bill now heads to the Governor’s desk.

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