CONTACT: Van Wanggaard
February 16, 2021 608-266-1832

“This speech was ‘blah, blah, blah.’ We’ve heard it all before. Governor Evers has proposed the same liberal wish list as he did two years ago. These are tired, old, rejected and downright dangerous ideas that have no business being including in a budget and no chance of becoming law.

In most budgets, the “devil is in the details,” but with this budget, the devils are in plain sight. We already know that he is proposing doubling or tripling local sales taxes, legalizing drug use, and letting criminals out of jail, and we haven’t even read the legislation yet. If that’s what he’s highlighting as the “good things” in the budget, I shudder to think what he hasn’t told us.

“Even blind squirrels find nuts, however. The Governor’s desire to fund venture capital and continue the tuition freeze are good ideas. I hope that as I read the budget I find more, but increasing spending by $3.2 billion? No, thank you.

“No matter what Governor Evers proposes, my commitment remains the same: budget within our means, create opportunity based on skills and ability, get all sectors of Wisconsin’s economy roaring, and make Wisconsin the safest and best place to live, work, and play.”

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