“Wisconsin Statute §323.10 expressly limits States of Emergency to 60 days unless extended by the legislature. The legislature has not extended any State of Emergency. In fact, legislature acted under Wis. Stat. §323.10 affirmatively ending the State of Emergency on January 28. Wisconsin has been in a State of Emergency for 245 consecutive days – more than six months longer than allowed under the law.

This case was never about the nature of the emergency. Good intentions, “science”, and fear are not reasons to disobey the law. The statute does not grant exceptions, no matter the cause. By ignoring the law repeatedly, Evers decided to make this a political issue.

Governor Evers extended the emergency without the legislature’s consent in violation of the law, and blatantly ignored the legislature’s action to end the emergency. As Abraham Lincoln said “Laws without enforcement are merely good advice.” Today, the Supreme Court enforced the rule of law.

People will certainly claim this is a partisan and political decision. It is only a partisan result if you think statutes only apply to one political party. They don’t.”

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