MADISON – State Senator Van Wanggaard (R-RACINE) released the Weekly Radio Address on behalf of Wisconsin Republicans:

Hello there.  I’m Senator Van Wanggaard, representing most of Racine and Kenosha Counties.

I was a police officer for almost 30 years. That experience has taught me one thing that I absolutely know to be true – Wisconsin’s law enforcement officers do an outstanding job. For the last year, a few shouting voices have done nothing but tear down our police.  Our men and women in blue deserve your support. 

The relationship between communities and the police did not deteriorate overnight, and it will not be fixed overnight. Sometimes, that mistrust is the result of misinformation and misunderstanding. And that’s why last summer, I unveiled the PACT package of bills. PACT is an acronym standing for Police Accountability, Community Involvement and Transparency.

Each of my bills focuses on one or more of those pillars and strengthens the bond between our communities and our officers. The PACT bills increase accountability, community involvement and transparency.

Part of that support is creating clear rules, and knowing that those who do not follow the rules will be held responsible. That is the key to building trust in any organization. I know police officers around the state seek the confidence that comes with clarity and accountability, and the PACT bills help to deliver that.

These ideals can renew the relationship between police and their community. Strengthening the bond between officers and those they serve makes us all safer. And that’s just one of the areas Republicans are focused on in June.


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