MADISON- Today, the Legislative Audit Bureau released a supplement to the Elections Administration report 21-19 after examining election records from the City of Madison. The supplement did not find any electoral fraud, and in fact, found that the City of Madison Clerk’s office conducted their elections administration in a highly effective manner.

The Democratic Members of the joint Legislative Audit Bureau released the following statement:

“Yet again, the findings of the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau show what we have known all along: Wisconsin’s 2020 November election was safe, accurate, secure, and fair. Despite the GOP’s best attempts to sow doubt and demonize our election officials, they are again proven wrong by the Legislative Audit Bureau’s supplement report.

“We again call on the GOP and Republican leaders to stop villainizing our local clerks for doing their jobs. Despite every challenge faced by clerks and election officials, they have done an exemplary job. It’s time to move on from The Big Lie – it’s over.”

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