May 28, 2021
Contact: Joe Zepecki

Senators Baldwin and Casey Joined Governors Evers and Wolf to Highlight Vital Role of Medicaid Expansion in Lowering Costs and Increasing Access to Care 

WISCONSIN— Today, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) joined Governors Tom Wolf (D-PA) and Tony Evers (D-WI) for a virtual press conference to highlight the vital benefits of Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania, and call out Wisconsin Republicans for their dangerous obstructionism and reckless and unpopular opposition to the expansion. The call comes just days after Wisconsin Republicans abruptly ended a special session of the legislature called by Gov. Evers to pass Badgercare expansion and $1 billion in new economic investments for the state.

“Pennsylvanians, and all Americans, have a right to affordable and accessible health care,” said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. “Ensuring that people have access to affordable medical care is the duty of the government at all times. Medicaid expansion is proven to reduce racial disparities and improve health outcomes. It improves financial security and access to care for recipients, and gives smaller, rural hospitals more stability. Simply put, it’s good for people, good for public health, and it’s good for the economy.”

“The Medicaid program is the backbone of our health care system,” said Senator Bob Casey. “It tells us who we are and whom we value—be it a child, a senior in a nursing home, a person with  —  disability, or a low-income family. I was proud to join Governor Wolf, Senator Baldwin, and Governor Evers to discuss how Medicaid expansion has saved lives in Pennsylvania and how it could do the same in Wisconsin. We are a great Nation and a great Nation takes care of its people.”

“We are coming out of one of the worst pandemics our state, and our country has ever seen, and at this time, if we don’t expand BadgerCare, we are not just missing out on an opportunity to expand quality, affordable health care — we’re missing out on an additional one billion dollars from the American Rescue Plan that’s available to states like us,” said Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. “Now more than ever, we cannot let politics get in the way of doing what’s right, and what’s best for our state’s, and our nation’s economy.”

“People in Wisconsin must have quality, affordable health care coverage during and after this public health crisis,” said Senator Baldwin. “My message today is simple: The Republican-controlled state legislature in Wisconsin needs to accept the federal investment in our BadgerCare program, expand quality health care coverage to over 90,000 working Wisconsinites, and save taxpayers money.”

You can watch the event here, and learn more about Medicaid expansion in Wisconsin here.

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