May 28, 2021


Alexa Henning

Vanessa Ambrosini

Sens. Johnson, Scott & Colleagues: American Families Win When We Make Washington Work

WASHINGTON  – Overnight and this morning, Senators Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), John Kennedy (R-La.), Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) and Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) spoke in objection to a request on the Senate floor to pass another massive amendment to the Senate’s already more than 1,500 page “China bill,” the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021. Senators Johnson and Scott made simple and common sense requests: provide time to allow the members of the Senate, as well as the American public, to read this more than $200 billion legislation. Today, the Senate agreed to the senators’ request to give members more time to discuss this with their constituents, resuming consideration of the bill on June 8th.

Senator Ron Johnson said, “My primary concern about this bill is it’s price tag, almost one quarter of a trillion dollars – money we don’t have. We simply can’t keep mortgaging our children’s future. The bill’s sponsors bragged about the open regular order process, and I’ll admit we voted on more amendments than normal.  But just because the Senate was slightly less dysfunctional, doesn’t mean there was even close to enough time to thoughtfully consider, craft, or have amendments included in the legislation.  I’m glad there’s bipartisan recognition that China’s a threat and that we must respond – but that response must be effective. I appreciate the fact the American public will now have some time to become aware of what’s in the bill, and I hope they let their senators know whether they think it’s worth the price tag.”


Senator Rick Scott said, “Today, we made Washington work and the American people won. Last night, I joined my colleagues to make a simple and common sense request: let the Senate and the American people read this massive bill. Too often, lawmakers in Washington pass bills without having time to read them before they vote. That’s not right and that’s not fair to the American people. I’m glad my colleagues agreed and will delay further consideration of this bill until June 8. I have been a vocal opponent of Communist China’s aggression and the threat it poses to democracy in the region and around the world. Communist China is the most significant national security issue facing the United States. It is our enemy in this new Cold War. That means we cannot afford to squander this opportunity. With our nation nearing $30 trillion in debt, and more than $200 billion in spending in this bill alone, we have to make sure we are getting a return on every tax dollar spent.”

Senator Mike Lee said, “Once again, the Senate has tried to ram through massive and consequential legislation through at the eleventh hour, without giving Members time to actually read it and discuss it with their constituents. This broken, unaccountable process of ‘legislating’ is unacceptable. We were elected to serve on behalf of the American people by publicly debating and discussing the issues that affect them. We cannot do that if we cannot read the bills we vote on. While it’s crucial that we counter the threat posed by Communist China, we must make sure that we’re getting it right, in a way that is accountable to the American people.”

Senator Cynthia Lummis said, “With every reckless spending bill coming out of Washington, we are mortgaging our children’s and our country’s future. People in Wyoming are frugal, thoughtful and live within their means, and they expect the same of their government. At very least, senators need time to read this massive piece of legislation before we vote to give away more than $200 billion in taxpayer money. I’m pleased my colleagues agreed to delay this vote.”

Senator Rand Paul said, “We are currently 28 trillion dollars in debt. Not only does this bill put us even more in debt, it gives money to one of the most wasteful agencies in government, the National Science Foundation, under the false guise of combatting China. Time and again I’ve publicly exposed the appallingly wasteful spending by this agency, and I’ll continue ensuring the American people know exactly how outrageously irresponsible their government is being with their hard-earned tax dollars. This wasteful spending is precisely why we need to give bills like this far more scrutiny.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville said, “China is the greatest threat facing our country, and we shouldn’t rush a bill that’s supposed to help us combat Chinese aggression. The American people deserve to know exactly where their hard-earned tax dollars are going. Our children and grandchildren can’t afford Congress writing blank checks on bad legislation.”


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