Madison, WI – Pro-life proposals circulating in the legislature would ensure that patients receive critical medical information and would prohibit abortions that target a child’s disability, race, or sex.

Senator Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) is introducing A Women’s Right to Know Act that expands upon the safeguards of informed consent and data collection requirements that are already in place.

“It’s crucial that women who have chosen a pill-induced abortion are given necessary information that there’s a point in the process where if she has a change of heart she may be able to continue her pregnancy and choose life for her baby,” said Senator Chris Kapenga. “It’s time to reaffirm that life has meaning and purpose at every age—both inside and outside of the womb.”

Senator Patrick Testin’s (R-Stevens Point) Shield the Vulnerable Act would make it illegal to terminate a pregnancy based on a child’s disability, race, or sex. He is also introducing legislation to require that parents of children diagnosed with congenital conditions be provided with educational resources that can help establish context and provide support.

“Deciding who is deserving of being brought into the world based on their inherited characteristics is discrimination,” said Testin.  “The State of Wisconsin needs to put an end to abortions that target children based on their sex, race, or disability.”

Those who wish to share their support for these and other pro-life bills can sign a petition available at

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