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Senator Melissa Agard 608-266-9170

It’s time to confirm Governor Evers’ appointees now

MADISON, WI – Today, the Wisconsin State Senate voted to confirm incoming Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Engels despite short notice and a process that limited the input of the minority party. Despite this, Senator Brad Pfaff (D-Onalaska) and Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) voted to confirm Engels to try and bring about a better way of politics in Wisconsin and to highlight the need for Senate Republicans to bring forward votes on numerous gubernatorial appointees awaiting confirmation. Throughout Governor Evers’ term in office, Senate Republicans have continued to break with prior precedent and hold up or reject confirmations for political purposes.

Senator Pfaff and Senator Agard issued the following statements:

Senator Brad Pfaff:

“We need to break this extreme partisan fever because the people of this state deserve better,” Pfaff said. “I voted to confirm Tom Engels, and despite our political differences, I am confident in his ability to execute the duties of his office. I expect that my Republican colleagues will now finally step forward and confirm the numerous vacant high-level appointments the governor put forward. It’s time for this body to focus on the critical work that will move Wisconsin forward,” he added. “The values of civility, respect and mutual understanding are ingrained in me from my western Wisconsin upbringing. We all need to remember that if we’re not willing to move an inch, we certainly can’t travel a mile.”

Senator Melissa Agard:

“In the Wisconsin I grew up in and am raising my four boys, people help mow the lawn for an elderly neighbor. We bring a casserole to a family going through a hard time. It has been disheartening in my first term in the State Senate to see the majority party continuing to prioritize politics over people by ignoring qualified gubernatorial appointees awaiting confirmation,” Senator Agard stated. “If we continue down this path, where everything is a zero sum game, we will never move Wisconsin forward. If everything is political, then the people we represent are not being served in their best interest. I voted to confirm Tom Engels because I believe we are at our best when we try to listen to our better angels. While the new Sergeant-at-Arms and I may not agree politically, I met with him and trust his word that he will work honestly for this body. I hope Republicans will follow suit by bringing forward the governor’s appointees for a vote immediately.”


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