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Tonight Governor Tony Evers proposed a strong budget to lead Wisconsin forward during these unprecedented times. The Governor’s investments in small business, economic development, and working men and women are vital to keep Wisconsin moving in the right direction now and beyond the pandemic.

We further applaud the Governor’s continued support for education, infrastructure, worker training and efforts towards a “Badger Bounceback”.

A few years ago, the previous administration both repealed and enacted laws that hurt Wisconsin workers and contractors. The repeal of Prevailing Wage law in particular opened the door to out-of-state contractors to bid, and often win, public works projects on both the state and local level at an unprecedented rate. The Governor’s proposal to reinstate Prevailing Wage laws will be a shot in the arm to Wisconsin contractors and Wisconsin workers and importantly, help keep taxpayer funds in Wisconsin.

Additionally, the Governor’s proposal to reinstate Project Labor Agreements, which help insure publicly funded projects are completed on budget and on time, will save taxpayer money. The proposed repeal of so-called “Right to Work”, and the aforementioned restoration of Prevailing Wage law will help ensure competitive wages for Wisconsin workers, expanded worker training, and will protect taxpayers by helping to make sure the most qualified contractors and workers are on the job.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 18 thanks Governor Evers for his continued commitment and investment in Wisconsin’s working families.

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