Statement from Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Stephanie Bloomingdale on President Joe Biden’s executive order strengthening “Buy American” provisions:

“Working men and women are the backbone of Wisconsin. Today’s executive order strengthening “Buy American” procurement provisions will support workers in Wisconsin and across our country, boost manufacturing jobs in our local communities, and help shore up our middle class. By closing loopholes that allow agencies to sidestep Buy American requirements and increase the thresholds for domestic content, President Biden’s “Buy American” executive order helps ensure our future is made in Wisconsin and made in America.

Strengthening “Buy American” standards at the federal level is a critical first step in revitalizing our American manufacturing base to preserve and create thousands of good, family-sustaining union jobs. At a time when many businesses and working people are struggling through the continued global pandemic and its resulting economic downturn, President Biden continues to take bold action to support American businesses and our nation’s working families.”

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