“Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich has suppressed Green Bay voters in the April 2020 & November 2020 elections, by causing significant unnecessary risks to election integrity and operations and unnecessary COVID-19 risks to the health and safety of Wisconsinites. This is based primarily on testimony by Sandy Juno and the e-mails provided by the City of Green Bay. As a result, he is not fit to be Green Bay’s mayor. Further, his accomplice, Celeste Jeffreys, is unfit to serve as Green Bay’s city clerk. Testimony heard on Wednesday in the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections and the e-mails provided by the City of Green Bay, provided important evidence that leads to these conclusions. They are available on Wisconsin Eye: https://wiseye.org/2021/03/10/assembly-committee-on-campaigns-and-elections-13/

“We are deeply disturbed that Mayor Eric Genrich’s Office had frequent contact with out-of-state political operatives about running Green Bay’s 2020 General Election. This is in addition to the conditional one-million dollars Green Bay received from the Center for Tech and Civic Life to help run the election. The e-mails that recently came to light during an investigation are deeply troubling.

“We are saddened to hear that there is no trust in Green Bay’s election process, especially after Mayor Genrich dropped the ball with the 2020 spring election, forcing thousands of residents to stand in line for hours before voting.  According to the former Brown County Clerk, Sandy Juno, this suppressed City of Green Bay votes, especially since the City of Green Bay had turned down assistance from the National Guard.

“Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, an out-of-state political operative, was given a “city badge” and keys that accessed absentee ballots. His access to sensitive election materials is highly inappropriate.

“Poll observer Matt Roeser testified today about how he and his wife were intimidated by Amaad Rivera-Wagner, Green Bay’s community liaison: ‘He intimidated the heck out of us. There is no doubt about that.’

“This coordinated effort between the mayor’s office and out-of-state political operatives is unethical and illegal. Administering our elections is supposed to be a non-partisan task. Coordinating with Democrat operatives to run an election in Green Bay disgraces all the municipalities across Wisconsin who worked hard to administer their elections. This blatant abuse of power and corruption cannot be ignored and it cannot happen again. We echo Senator Roger Roth’s calls for Mayor Eric Genrich to step down as mayor of Green Bay.

Sunshine is the greatest disinfectant. We are optimistic that through additional investigations, we will learn more about what really went wrong during Green Bay’s 2020 general election.

“The next step is to have a second hearing regarding these issues. We would like to see subpoena’s issued to Kris Teske (former Green Bay’s City Clerk), Celestine Jeffreys (Mayor Genrich’s Chief of Staff), Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein (the out-of-state political operative), Amaad Rivera-Wagner (Green Bay’s Community Liason), and Eric Genrich (Green Bay’s Mayor).”

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