Madison, WI —This week, Representative Dallman testified on a bill, Assembly Bill 158, in the Committee on Judiciary. Representative Dallman has made the following statements:

“Under current law, it is a Class B forfeiture if the person commits harassment. Under this bill, if this harassment is made against a sports official, such as a referee, umpire, judge, or person performing a similar function, and it is an attempt to intimidate or influence an action by a sports official, it becomes a Class A misdemeanor.”

“As a licensed sports official for over the past 10 years, I have been verbally and even physically confronted on a personal level while officiating sports. It has become an increasing issue across all levels of sports and harassment has directly led to the decline of people entering the sports official path and staying involved in it. I am passionate about this issue because I believe that our youth sports provide a unique opportunity and environment for our youth to have fun, learn, and grow socially. As we speak, there are games and tournaments across the state that are being cancelled or not scheduled due to the lack of sports officials in the field. I believe this bill will take a large step toward deterring the verbal and physical abuse that sports officials are currently experiencing, and will allow our youth sport environments to be a much more welcoming and positive environment for everyone involved.”

“I hope our schools and relevant associations continue to educate the public on the possible charges that a person could receive from harassing an official. It is highly important that everyone continues to work together to rid our sports from personal attacks against our sports officials.”

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2021 Assembly Bill 158 (

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