MADISON – Last night, the Kenosha Common Council unanimously passed a resolution authored by Alderman Bill Siel supporting the Great Lakes Erosion Control program. As proposed, this revolving loan fund program is available to homeowners and municipalities that are at risk of damage due to shoreline erosion. The program was introduced last session by Rep. Tip McGuire and gained bipartisan support as 2019 Assembly Bill 974, and has also been included in Gov. Evers’ 2021-23 state budget.

“For families who have spent a lifetime building equity in their homes, shoreline erosion puts their most valuable asset at risk,” said Rep. Tip McGuire, “I am thankful to Ald. Siel for his leadership and to the entire Common Council for their unanimous support of these local homeowners that are in a struggle to save their property.”

The Kenosha Common Council resolution noted that the Council has recently approved over $16 million in repairs to public property that was damaged due to shoreline erosion. Gov. Evers also declared a state of emergency in early 2020 due to the severity of the damage along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

“Erosion control is necessary, but extremely expensive. A revolving loan fund program gives homeowners access to the upfront capital needed to protect their homes from further damage.”

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