Wisconsin Senator Julian Bradley wrote a column for the Washington Examiner on Monday on why he and Representative Joe Sanfelippo are working to ensure prisoners’ stimulus checks to go pay restitution.

Read an excerpt from his column below:

Black crime victims matter, so make convicts pay restitution from Biden’s stimulus

Senator Julian Bradley, Washington Examiner
March 22, 2021

Sadly, the tired attack that it is somehow racist not to coddle criminals has resurfaced in this debate. It is indicative of a completely skewed mindset toward racial issues. Liberals and the media want to make everyone think the word “criminal” is synonymous with “black person.” That isn’t the case. We do no favors to black people by unjustly enriching criminals.

The activists behind the radical push to “defund the police” conveniently forget that a disproportionate number of crime victims are nonwhite. Last year in Milwaukee, for example, 74% of homicide victims were black. This year, that number is at 90%. Yet, only about 39% of Milwaukee residents are black. Statewide in Wisconsin, black people accounted for 18% of all sexual assault victims in 2019, but we only make up about 7% of the population.

I won’t let the people who have experienced such pain and loss be forgotten.

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