Milwaukee, WI – Recently, Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) suspended her campaign for Lt. Governor. Over the weekend, Taylor made the decision to join the race for City of Milwaukee Mayor. In response to her choice, Taylor made the following statement:

“I had to follow my heart, plain and simple. I love the city and have worked my entire life to make it better. I see the promise and the pain of Milwaukee. I see a pathway to the city we can become, and I am unafraid to think boldly, and work with others to get us there”.

Taylor, who is also an attorney, former public defender, and owner of Taylor & Associates Law Office, brings an 18-year record of substantial legislation, budget experience as a former co-chair and longtime member of the state’s Joint Finance Committee, and policy initiatives that have been both transformative and innovative. In thinking about her announcement, Taylor said “I have watched us be afraid of change and of one another. We need leadership that sees all of us, works hard for all of us, and comes to the table with the prerequisite skills to get the job done. Yes, I’m in.”

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