STEVENS POINT, Wis.— Today, the campaign of State Senator and Senate President Pro Tempore, Patrick Testin, released “A Better Way Forward,” the introductory video for his lieutenant gubernatorial campaign.

View “A Better Way Forward” here, full link:

Upon releasing the video, Patrick Testin made the following statement: “Since the election of the Evers/Barnes Administration, we have seen the bare minimum that a Lieutenant Governor can do. While Evers’ second-in-command spends his days pandering to special interests on the taxpayers’ dime, Wisconsinites are struggling to makes ends meet. In 2022, there is a better way forward with a Lieutenant Governor who puts the people of the Badger State first and spends their day attracting more good paying jobs, creating more hands-on education opportunities for students, and defending our law enforcement, instead of trying to defund them.”


PATRICK TESTIN: I’m Patrick Testin and I’m running to be Wisconsin’s next Lieutenant Governor to….wait, what’s that card say?

CUE CARD MAN: Bring forward critical legislation.

PATRICK TESTIN: …but I’ve already passed a lot of great bills in the State Senate, plus the Lieutenant Governor doesn’t do that.

CUE CARD MAN: It doesn’t?  Ok, this one, “hold Madison bureaucrats accountable?”

PATRICK TESTIN: Nope, can’t do that either…

CUE CARD MAN: OK, last one.

PATRICK TESTIN: You’re fired.

You know what, I’ve never been one for talking points anyway, so come with me.

So, what can the next Lieutenant Governor do? Well, that is entirely up to the candidate. While Wisconsinites are working hard to earn a living and pay his salary, our current Lieutenant Governor is content to roll out of bed and pander to woke leftists all day.

Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes broke the law to keep our businesses and our economy shut down. We need a Lieutenant Governor who will get people back to work and rebuild our thriving economy.

Who will work with our school districts all across the State of Wisconsin to build up our students to create education pipelines so when you graduate you can get a good paying job, right here in Wisconsin.

A Lieutenant Governor who will stand alongside Wisconsin law enforcement and defend them, not defund them.

Who will work with our Governor and Legislature to make sure your vote is secure and that election officials don’t play politics with our most sacred right.

And isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Since 2019, we’ve seen how not to be an effective Lieutenant Governor. I’m Patrick Testin, a no nonsense, pro life, pro liberty, pro second amendment conservative, and I’m running for Lieutenant Governor because there is a better way forward.

And we only get out of that office what we’re willing to put into it, so put me to work.

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