La Crosse County Sheriff Jeff Wolf: Eric Toney Best Choice for AG
Coulee Region Needs A Proven Crime Fighter 


Wisconsin has seen a surge in homicides and violent crime over the past two years, and we need to get back to basics to solve this dangerous crime epidemic.  That’s why I’m endorsing Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney for Attorney General in the GOP primary and against incumbent Josh Kaul. Toney is an experienced frontline prosecutor that has made a career out of sending violent criminals to prison.

More than 60 law enforcement officials have already endorsed District Attorney Toney.  In addition, Toney is unanimously endorsed by the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police, representing more than 2,300 members in 20 lodges throughout the state.

In La Crosse County, we’re located between Minneapolis and Chicago, and violent criminals target the Coulee Region as they shuttle between the big cities.  A good example is the recent execution style, triple homicide of three people in a dispute about $600.  It’s just terrible, and we need real leadership at the Wisconsin Department of Justice to partner with local law enforcement to fight crime.

We need to take back our streets, and Eric Toney has the right experience to do that.

Personally, I think his GOP opponent Ryan Owens is unfit to serve as Attorney General.  When Owens sought my endorsement he lied to me saying Eric Toney prosecuted folks for violating Governor Evers’ mask mandate. This is untrue and it’s unbecoming of an aspiring attorney general to lie about his opponent’s record. In fact, Eric Toney told his public health officer that the mask mandate was unlawful and he wouldn’t enforce it. Along with experience, honesty and integrity are key qualities I look for in our attorney general.

The son of a cop, like myself, DA Toney will be a strong attorney general who will partner with local law enforcement to restore law and order to our streets.

Josh Kaul has no personal experience in a Wisconsin courtroom personally prosecuting violent criminals.  Kaul has ignored the violent crime surge and left prosecutor and law enforcement positions vacant within the DOJ. His priorities are out of whack.

On day one, Toney will restore the law enforcement positions Josh Kaul has left vacant at the DOJ so we can take back our streets and neighborhoods from the criminals who are getting a free pass under Kaul’s lack of leadership. I enthusiastically endorse Eric Toney for AG, and I look forward to working with him to make the Coulee Region and the entire state as safe as possible for our families.

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